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Characters & Stories

The following is a list of story ideas currently in development. Some story ideas have a link to additional sketches, thumbnails, and notes. Enjoy the zaniness! :)

antelope jam session white bg.jpg

Antelope Jam Band

They’re antelopes. They’re in a band. They wear…crocs…?


Two fox brothers

They want to take a wintery hike up a mountain. They have different personalities. Some funny ironic twist happens to them at the end…

bravery ship.JPG

Pirate Mom;

Mom Pirate

A spunky girl, bored with accompanying her mom on errands, imagines herself as a fearless pirate. She is very good at pretending to be brave until there is a time where she is brave in real life…

bf kite.JPG

Grandpa Yeti

Doesn’t know how to sew but must repair his grandson’s kite….Note: he keeps his sewing accoutrement in a butter cookie tin….

picturebook illus sample.jpeg

Raccoon bakery

Lots of raccoon bakers, a sentimental reason for using a steampunk-like “cookie generator,” a mysterious accident, all in a vaguely British-style tearoom….

dubious about winter.jpg

Snow. Bunnies.

Two bunnies marvel at how snow makes everything look different and mysterious. When they explore a snow-covered land, it’s like exploring the surface of the moon…